2013 Tesla Model S P85+

$ 47,000


2013 Tesla Model S P85+ ( P85 PLUS)

35,500 Miles



The future is here. There is so much to say, or ask about Tesla’s electric cars. Basically it’s sleek, luxurious, powerful and a practical car to daily drive. The Model S is not like the typical small electric car, with full size luxury sedan accommodations and pulse-quickening performance (it’s fast). This Model S, the P85+, is top of the line when it was release. The 85 kWh Performance boosts output to 416 hp and 443 lb-ft of torque, still with a range of 265 miles. The performance accelerated to 60 mph in a very quick 4.4 seconds. This P85 + includes the following; 21-inch wheels with performance tires, an adaptive air suspension (with adjustable ride height), panoramic sunroof, rear-facing third-row seats, a 12-speaker surround-sound audio system (with satellite radio), leather upholstery, sport front seats, extended leather upholstery, a simulated suede headliner and dual charger.

This car is charged up and ready to go. Original Price New from manufacturer; $118.970.... Featured Options on this Model S; P85 Plus Package ($6,500) which includes; 21 wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 tires, Smart Air Suspension.... Tech Package ($3,750)… BLUE Paint ($750).... Dual Chargers ($1,500)...... Wall Connector ($1,200)…. Ultra High Fidelity Sound ($2,500)…. Extended Nappa Leather Trim ($2,500)…. Alcantara Headliner, Rear Facing Seats ($2,500)..... A Carbon Fiber rear air Spoiler...
A great car in great condition, with only 35,500 miles.


The dark blue paint is very nice, with a deep shine and only light chips and scuffs. The Glass is in excellent condition. The 21 inch wheels do have some small scuffs on the outer edge. The passenger mirror has a cosmetic blemish.


The interior is very clean and in excellent condition. The Tan Nappa Leather Seats are comfortable and great looking. The All Glass Panoramic Roof allow light in, and this car comes with a removable tint screen. The car has the optional Rear Facing Seats for the kids that enjoy seeing things from a different perspective. Lastly the sound system, Tesla’s Ultra High Fidelity Sound (a $2,500 option) is a blast, with a max volume of 11.

IF you are interested in this car, call, email, or stop by to take a look and/or test drive.

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