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Automotive Appraisal

In a constantly changing automotive world market, vehicle appraisals can help insure your investment as well as inform you of your vehicle's current market value. 

We offer a professional and detailed appraisal of your vintage vehicle. We specialize in all European makes of vehicles and sports cars (American and Asian) produced from 1950 through 1999.  

All appraisals are done in person with the vehicle present. To get a complete and honest evaluation of the vehicle, we preform a general visual inspection of the vehicle's condition, an extensive evaluation of historical data, as well as any other important information pertaining to the vehicle. All data is recorded and logged on our Appraisal form which can be used in any insurance evaluation, financial report or used at the sale of the vehicle. 

Our Appraisal  $100-150.  ( Travel to your location is an additional cost. 

Porsche care and service

Do you have a Porsche that needs some service work?  We offer a few love and care services for your Porsche from regular maintenance to a limited number of repairs and cosmetic improvements. Please call or email to inquire about about the care services we offer.