2015 Spring Mid-America '02 Fest with BMW 2002

To some people, the BMW 2002 is just an old tiny economical European sedan. For the rest of us, the BMW 2002 is much more. The phrase, less is more, defines the how pure the model is.  The Spring Mid-America .02 Fest celebrates the classic and wonderful design of the BMW 2002 model series. 

Took the family to Eureka Springs to enjoy the sites and visit with some 2002 friends. This event has been around for some time now. Mostly known by BMW 2002 owners and enthusiast. The host and organizer of the event, Bo Black, is a more than just an average enthusiast. This was the 15th annual spring gathering in Eureka Springs. Bo and his family have been putting the event together with support for several BMW specialist, parts suppliers and other services. The event is just for those that love the BMW 2002 series as well as other early BMW models.

Some of the vehicles at this years event.