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At EHRLICH MOTORWERKS, we take great pride in the vehicles we offer, the work we do, and helping our customers with either the purchase of the next interesting vehicle and/or keeping their current vehicle looking good and on the road. Established in Siloam Springs Arkansas in 2011, where we specialize in vintage Porsches yet we also have a wide interest in many classic European cars.

Vehicle sales, we offer to our customers some of the finest vintage automobiles and modern performance/sports cars available. Each vehicle goes through a complete inspection and service to insure the car is in proper operating condition. We also offer a consignment service to clients that are looking to sell their fine collectible and/or special-interest vehicle.

Garage services, we offer to classic Porsche owners a wide range mechanical servicing/repairs, as well as what we refer to as “The Revival” a blend of restoration and preservation. The Revival is where we work to improve the overall appearance of the car as well as revive the engine mechanicals, brakes, suspension, and so on. The goal, in many cases, is to keep the car as original as possible with returning the car back to a high standard. Along with vintage Porsche care, we offer a very high level of professional mechanical maintenance/service/repair on all HONDA, TOYOTA, and other Asian brands.

Ehrlich Motorwerks is independent sales and service of Porsche AG, Porsche Cars North America and its dealerships. 'Porsche' is used as a general descriptor for the various Porsche cars. Its use in no way implies an association with or approval by Porsche .



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