1974 Porsche 914 LE


YEAR:  1974


MODEL:  914


EXTERIOR:  Light Ivory/Phoenix Red


ODOMETER: 154,000 miles


In 1973, the Porsche 917/30 dominated the Can-Am series, with Penske driver Mark Donohue winning the last six of eight total races. With there strong winning season Porsche wanted to celebrate and capitalize by marketing a Limited Edition run of special cars. Interestingly Porsche chose the 914 as the model to have the special edition. Originally Porsche wanted to name these special 914s the "Can-am", but due to copyrights cost Porsche decided to go with next best and super cool title of Limited Edition (LE). Fortunately the cars had much cooler nicknames, the Creamsicle and Bumblebee. 

A production number of 1,000 of the 914 2.0L Limited Edition, with basically 50% Creamsicle and 50% Bumblebee. The Creamsicle: With a cream color exterior (paint code U2V9), these cars were in Light Ivory/Phoenix red trim, including color matched lower valences, bumpers and Mahle wheels. This light ivory color scheme concept carried over from the 1973 911 Carrera RS series.

This 1974 Porsche 914 2.0 LE was first started in February of 1974. First sold at Pan-Am Porsche (New Orleans, LA) on 5/1/1974. In 1981 the car was sold to the second owner and the car moved to Colorado Springs CO. The car was used as a daily driver from 1974 to 2004, with about 150,000 miles traveled. The engine was completely rebuilt in 2005. The was basically not used after the engine overhaul until we purchased the car in 2016. We feel in love with this car for many reason, one being the owners personal connection to the car and her story. The other reason is we like cars the survive and are not restored. This car still has most of it's original paint. It clearly shows it's character wear and battle scars from it's regular use. Another reason we love this car is for it's special and limited edition styling, the creamsicle color combo. 

The car had been kept stored inside the owners one car garage for nearly 15 years without being driven, so many things needed to be done to get the car back on the road. To name a few, flush fuel system, new fuel hose, fuel filter, brake system fluid flush, new rear struts, all sway bar bushing, replace 4 tires, repair clutch cable, added an oil cooler, inspected the car, fixed light issue, adjusted many things, clean and then cleaned some more to call out a few of the things we did. We didn't want to restore this car, mainly because we enjoy seeing the car in it's nature and aging original condition. You could say we wanted to perserve it as is, but also be able to enjoy driving it.    


The 2.0L motor was completely rebuilt 2005, and it runs strong today. The exhaust and heater are in good condition. The Fuel Injection system is working nicely and continues to improve the more we drive the car. The transmission shifts well we a new clutch, clutch cable and a new support bracket. The car stops good for it's age.


Largely original paint in weather condition. Lots of rock chips. The body is both great and poor. The car does have rust and it is also very solid. There is several areas with surface rust, and yes the typical rust area under the battery has rust and has not been repaired. A battery tray was added at some point in the vehicle's live. From upper rubber bumper is in poor condition. The windshield was recently replaced along with the out trim.   


The interior is the original and it's in great condition. Show some age, but for the most part it is in very clean condition. The dealer add on A/C does not work, but the original hardware does come with the car. All other factory controls work. The interior is nice and comfortable. 


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1974 Porsche 914

1979 Ferrari 308 GTB


Chassis Number: F106AB  30397
Engine number: F106A E 01774

Engine spec: 2926 cc DOHC V8
4 x Weber 40DCNF Twin Choke Carburetors/205 hp
5-Speed Manual Transmission
Power Assisted Four Wheel Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Odometer: 57,050 miles

• Beautiful and desirable color combination
• Final year of the carbureted 308 GTB
• U.S. delivery car, includes books, tools, and jack
• Recent complete 30k major service

This beautiful US delivery 308 GTB (steel bodied) was produced on December 1979, which is the last year Ferrari offered a carbureted variant of the 308. Finished in wonderful Silver (Argento Auteuil) over Red (Rosso) leather. It's easy to see this car has been loved and cared for over the years. The vehicle received a complete bare metal repaint (photo documented) to renew it's aging factory silver paint, and even after several years the paint looks excellent. The Rosso red interior is very original with great patina, only natural aging and wear. Overall this vehicle is very clean and well preserved with a very good service history. Recently this 308 received an extensive engine out major service with new timing belts, water pump, valve adjustment, and several items replaced / updated due to age (hoses, seals, ignition wires, etc). Some noted enhancement to the car, 16” Ferrari wheels from a later model 308 and a TUBI exhaust muffler. Car comes with the original set of 14" wheels, as well as the owners manual/books, service records, tool kit, and jack kit.


The exterior Silver Metallic (Argento Auteuil) paint is beautiful. The body received a complete proper re-finished several years ago due to aging paint issues. A smooth finish with only minor rock chips on front lower chin.  Glass is in very good condition. Some light scratches on black window frames, which is normal for a car of this age. Wheels on the car are 16" from later model 308. Tires are in fair condition. The original 14" wheels do come with the car.


Beautiful interior with only patina (natural aging). Great looking gauges and switches. We had 4 of the climate control switches re-chromed to keep the beautiful look. Car is equipped with power windows (working), aftermarket radio/CD, A/C (working - cold) and rear window defrost. 


The 308 has been cared for and has regularly received major and routine servicing. The service is up and many of the aging and normal wear items have recently replaced or inspected. An engine out major service with valve adjustment, all major coolant hoses were replaced, fuel hoses replaced, vacuum hoses replaced. The four Weber carburetors were cleaned, service and tuned. Many other items were addressed during this last major service. Driven on several day drives. The car runs and drivers very well and with working A/C it's enjoyable during warm/hot weather. 


Ferrari produced about 2,897 carburetted 308 GTB's would wide between 1975 and 1980. For Ferrari this could be considered a high number, but for a world of enthusiast this is a rare car. The silver over red also makes is a special car for a classic color combo. The GTB 308/328 have a prettier shape. With the fixed roof, the chassis is more ridged and gives the occupants more head clearance. 


The 308 GTB made its debut at the Paris and London shows in 1975.  A Pininfarina design, built by Scaglietti, as a replacement for the Dino 246 GT model. The new body had a pronounced wedge shaped profile, yet retained numerous design elements from the Dino 246 GT carried throughout new body design. These included the scalloped side intakes, twin circular rear tail lights, vertical concave rear window between the buttressed sail panels, and front lower egg crate style grill. In essence the shape was a modernisation of that of the Dino, with enough traces of its predecessor to provide a thread of continuity, earning praise from the press and clients alike. V8, albeit with dry sump lubrication. The latter made for lower engine mounting and better cooling thanks to the fact that more oil was present. The first models boasted fibreglass coachwork.


One feature that was not immediately apparent in 1975, was that the 308 GTB was fitted with a totally fibreglass body, apart from the aluminium front lid. This was the first Ferrari production car to feature fibreglass as a body material, and in fact the idea has not been repeated by the company in large volume production. However, individual fibreglass panels have been used on a large number of cars from then until now, particularly for the front and rear valances and nose sections. Although the standard of finish was very high, a return to the more traditional pressed steel and aluminium happened in late 1976 for USA cars, and around mid 1977 for European models.

The simplest way to identify a fibreglass bodied car, is to see if there is an indent line between the front screen pillar and roof panel. If there is one, then the body is fibreglass.

USA market cars can be identified by heavier bumper assemblies, and rectangular side marker lights on the wings.

An optional deep front spoiler became available during 1977, which like the standard shallow spoiler was a fibreglass moulding. Like the Dino series, a luggage compartment was provided in the tail of the car behind the engine bay. On the 308 GTB it was accessed by lifting the entire engine cover, which revealed a zip top compartment, whereas the Dino models had a separate lid for the luggage area.

The main European market 308 GTB models had a tubular chassis with factory type reference F 106 AB 100.

Disc brakes, with independent suspension via wishbones, coil springs, and hydraulic shock absorbers, were provided all round, with front and rear anti roll bars.

All models were numbered in the Ferrari odd number road car chassis sequence, with both right and left hand drive available.

Production ran from 1975 through to 1980, during which time 2897 examples were produced in the chassis number range 18677 to 34349.


The transversely mid-mounted aluminium V8 engine was essentially of the same design as that used in the 308 GT4 model.

It was of a 90 degree configuration, with belt driven twin overhead camshafts per bank, having a total capacity of 2926cc, with a bore and stroke of 81mm x 71mm, bearing factory type reference F 106 AB 000 for European market cars.

The engine was coupled in unit with the all synchromesh five speed transmission assembly, which was below, and to the rear of the engine’s sump. It was fitted with a bank of four twin choke Weber 40 DCNF carburettors, mounted in the centre of the vee, the exact specification of which depended upon the market.

European cars were fitted with dry sump lubrication, whereas Australian, Japanese and USA examples retained the wet sump lubrication system used on the 308 GT4.

2000 Ferrari 550 Maranello







VIN: ZFFZS49A1YO120150







Ferrari introduced the 550 Maranello as a flagship model of the Ferrari line in 1996. The 550 Maranello replaced a long product line of mid-engined Ferraris that began with the Berlinetta Boxer to the Testarossa. The 550 Maranello was designed or inspired to recapture Ferrari`s legendary front-engined GT sports cars from the 1960's and early 70's, most notably the 275GTB/4 and 365GTB/4 Daytona. The classic or traditional Ferrari V-12 with front  The Maranello is undeniable a beautiful and elegant design. The Pininfarina styling is both masculine and muscular without being overstated or a showy racer. The car is both comfortably balanced and fast with the 485hp Ferrari`s V-12 that transmits power through a traditional 6-speed manual transaxle. Ferrari only produced 3,531 550 Maranello between 1996 and 2001. 

This car first sold by Ferrari of Houston. Ordered in Nart Blu (dark blue metallic) exterior color with optional Scuderia Ferrari shield on fenders. Interior has dark blue leather upper dashboard and steering wheel, Cuoio darker tan leather seats and panels over dark blue. This four-owner 9,600-mile car has been well maintained by previous owners. Records show a major belt service performed by Ferrari of Beverly Hills on 8/2013 at 7,057 miles. Additional service records indicate new motor mounts, interior items were upgraded to address Ferrari's sticky surface issue. Recently four new Michelin Pilot Sport tires were installed to replace the good yet 10 year old aged tires.  

The NART blue paintwork is beautiful, largely free of wear with only a few light small marks. Not a real common color for the 550 Maranello. In great condition for the age of the vehicle. The paint is extremely lustrous. The glass is excellent, as well as the lights and other exterior trim. The wheels are in excellent condition. Recently replaced the aging tires with new Michelin Pilot Sport tire. 

The interior is in beautiful condition, with a like new look and finish. A great color combo and comfortable place to enjoy a long road trip. The dash is in excellent condition as well as the remain interior surface, with only very light normal/natural wear and aging. The carpets are excellent as well. Even the easily chipped door releases are unmarked. With Ferrari's unfortunate sticky surface issue on certain touchable items, it is very nice to have the updated clean and sticky free to touch surfaces. Overall a wonderful interior. 

The trunk and engine compartment are both in extremely clean condition. Inside of the trunk is the original factory 6-CD changer, original tire inflator, tool set, owners manual in leather holder, and factory car and seat covers. The underside is reflects the mileage.

This is an extraordinarily and appealing example of this attractive model. A timeless configuration, with a smooth running front engine V12, mated to the gated 6-speed transmission. It is no wonder that the 550 Maranello has emerged as a modern classic and seen as a future collectible. On the right kind of Ferrari to enjoy on road trips, special events or to have in a collection. Modern enough to be driven in comfort and easy to use, as well as classic in style and mechanical when driven. 

1987 Ferrari 328 GTS

Make: Ferrari

Model: 328 GTS

Chassis Number: ZFFXA20A8H0067281

Engine: 3.2L Four Cam, 32 Valve, 270 bhp V-8

Five-Speed Manual Transmission


Mileage: 28,277 

• Desirable GTS model with ownership pride and FCA award history

• Professional Service history, with a complete belt service at 27,209 miles in 2015

• Complete tool kit, jack and owner’s manuals

The Model – The 1985 introduction of the Ferrari 328 GTS/GTB came as an updated or evolution of the 308 GTS/GTB models. WIth the 328 model, Pininfarina redesigned the front and rear bumpers to give the car an overall cleaner or refined appearance. The interior also received many modernized ergonomic updates as well as design to further refine the driving experience. The revised V-8 gave an increased displacement to 3.2L or 3,186cc, which also increased output to 270 brake horsepower at 7,000 rpms. When introduced, the car’s performance was considered exceptional, and still remains highly respectable today, with a 0–60 time of just 5.5 seconds, top speed of 160 mph. The Ferrari 328 GTS/GTB is the first of the modernized Ferraris that still has the look and styling of more vintage wedge shape Ferraris.

The Car – Very clean car, with a nice history.First ownership started in 12/1986. Purchased through Continental Motors in Hinsdale, Illinois. The vehicle stayed in the IL region until 2006.Over the years, the car has been lovingly cared for and even won regional Ferrari Club of America show awards. The exterior is beautiful with only very light paint chips and normal light aging. The Rosso Corsa paint is in excellent condition and believed to be original on all panels. Body panel fit, glass, and trim are all excellent condition. The interior is unique with light tan over red carpet. The leather presents very well, showing a light wear and aging. Some people call it patina, we call it natural and authentic. The dash is beautiful and all gauges are clear and working. In addition to routine service and care, as well as extensive documentation indicates the car received consistent precautionary and recommended major belt services. The most recent major belt service in May of 2015, 27,209 miles, by Ferrari Service of Bedford, NH. This 328 GTS is an excellent example of a loved Ferrari.Car comes with books, tools/jack set, and service records going back several years.