1977 BMW 320i


Make:   BMW

Model:   320i

Mileage:  36,883

VIN:    5421370

Exterior:  Phoenix Orange

Interior:   Black

Engine:   2.0L   Inline-4

Transmission:   4 speed Manual

Drive Train:   RWD




In 1975 BMW introduced the new and first 3-series model, 316, 318 and 320. The new 3-series, chassis code E21, was the successor to the legendary 2002 model range. Director of Design at BMW, Paul Bracq, set the new direction for the E21 as well as the new design trend for the brands full model range line.  The new frontal design was dominated by the BMW trademark kidney grille and headlight styling of the then new design concept direction. 

The interior design of the E21 3-series also marked the introduction of a new design concept, with the center console and central dashboard area angled towards the driver. The interior features became part of BMW’s interior design for many years. As part of a safety direction, all edges and control elements within the interior were rounded off and padded.


Original, survivor, and very clean are words that can describe this Phoenix Orange 320i. This BMW is kind of a rare find, a vehicle that is nearly 40 years of age, original and clean.  Everything on this car is exceptionally clean and in amazing condition. It's not new, it hasn't been restored, so it does have some sign of age. This car is the perfect example for those of us that appreciate and love cars that survive in such amazing condition.  

The original Phoenix Orange paint, a one year only color for US market, is in excellent condition with light or normal minor signs of aging, nicks and marks. Overall the rubber and plastic trim pieces are in excellent condition with very little wear or aging. Chrome or bright work trim are excellent. Glass is excellent, less front windshield. The front windshield has cracks in the lower corner on passenger side. We did not want to replace original glass due to the fact everything is in original condition on the car. 

Interior is beautiful. No cracks in the dash. So nice and original, that it like having a new or slightly used 1977 BMW. All controls and gauges work. 

Mechanically the car has received a lot of attention. Since the car was left in storage for many years, the car was in need of care and maintenance attention. Many new items for reliability as well as to get the car back on the road. Complete cleaning of the entire fuel system as well as replacing the fuel pump, hoses filter, clean/test injectors, new warm up regulator, recondition fuel distributor, etc. All fluids changed and new water pump, flushed radiator and all new factory hoses from BMW. The car runs and drives nicely. Brakes have been serviced with new brake hoses. New clutch master and slave cylinder. Compression test showed all cylinders to have excellent and consistent compression. A fun and amazing car. 

This example appears to possibly be a two-owner car. Past records for this vehicle is light and limited, yet we have some documentation and the car is a 36,XXX mile car. Was told and believe the car was left parked in a garage unused for many many years. Even though the car experienced an extended stay in storage, it remains extremely well preserved. 

This car was a fun and amazing find. We have enjoyed the car for the past couple of years, but now feel it's time to let someone else have some fun. 

A short story of the Phoenix going to Monterey for the 100 Celebration. 



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The underside.  Very clean, with no (zero) rust. An amazing looking chassis. The car was driven for 35,000, so it isn't 100% new looking but it is extremely clean. The photos show how nice the car is. 



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