(Road)trip to the Vette's House - A Better B&B

On our trip to the Corvette Museum and Factory, we chose against chain hotels. In the past, we've found that a personalized atmosphere goes a long way when we're on the road.

So we reserved a place at a bed and breakfast that we had heard good things about online, and were absolutely delighted with our stay.

Clint and Juannie Kronenberger's have owned their bed and breakfast in Bowling Green, Kentucky, since they retired and moved from Naples, Florida. They've certainly put a great deal of work and charm into their property since then (Be sure to ask Juannie about her sock monkies).

Spongie Acres Bowling Green, Kentucky

Clint's an interesting guy. For one, he used to drag race his Camaro, pushing over 200mph in a 1/4 mile. It had something like 1,000hp.

He's also a huge cycling enthusiast. When he and Juannie lived in Naples, he ran a cycling shop and helped start the Naples cycling club.

So he gets the car thing, which is one of the main draws to Spongie Acres. If you've got a Corvette, for example, and there's some bad weather or worry about trusting your car to the nighttime hours, Clint's shop has room enough for 6-8 vehicles, climate control, security, and all of the equipment or tools necessary should your car have some issues.

The shop. Tons of room in there.

The shop. Tons of room in there.

They're usually housing someone's pristine, day-old Corvette still smelling like the assembly line.

Our bedroom window's view.

Our bedroom window's view.

The grounds are beautiful; the food is wonderful. Juannie and Clint served homemade bread, french toast, eggs and bacon for a great breakfast, which always makes for a great start to the day.

Clint and Juannie are deeply hospitable, ready to talk about anything (we talked cars) or to offer some solitude and quiet, if that's what you need.

If we're ever in the area, we'd love to go back.

Visit their website for reservations and information.