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Artist,Markus Haub was born in Germany, where he studied Transportation Design at the University of Applied Arts in Pforzheim, Germany (It seems like many designers are successful artists on the side).

After working with both Volkswagen and Reanualt, he moved permanently to Barcelona where he works as a freelance designer and artist.

There's something damaged and distressed about Markus Haub's paintings. Something perfect, too. And in our opinion, the contrast is what sets Haub's work apart.

His website talks about his process:

His process is based on a mixture of photography and digital and manual working techniques.
Markus always uses a photo which he takes himself on a racetrack or a classic car event. Then, he digitally manipulates and adapts the photo.
After printing the image, he brings it in a kind of collage on the canvas and works in various steps to find the balance between destruction and creation. The paintings are very vibrant thanks to strong color, varnish and reactions between different materials, which he uses to create specific effects in certain areas.

Haub says his paintings try to capture the connection between destruction and creation.

It's a theme that interests us because time and age can directly affect a car's value. And yet, Haub's process seems to add wear and even damage to original photographs of pristine vehicles.

And the near-destruction enhances what makes each car great. The running paint and the smudged look of Haub's technique captures these icons better than a photograph of a mirror-finished, pristine and perfect vehicle.

Something to think about. Something to enjoy. 

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