Can a Ferrari Walk on Water?

Well, it can't walk, but it can sure fly.

Case in point: Ferrari agreed to compete try its hand at the world water speed record with Achille Castoldi, a hydroplane racer at the time.

Photo by Henry Thibault

Ferrari and Castoldi created this, a race 4.5-litre Tipo 375 F1 V-12 powered monster, the "Arno XI."

Before racing with Ferrari, Castoldi piloted for Alfa Romeo. At the Arno XI's debut race in January of 1953, an Alfa Romeo driver actually beat Castoldi. In response, Castoldi and company made some modifications. In October of the same year, Castoldi snatched the world record at 150mph! Bravo! Bravissimo!

RM Auctions

Sometimes, when you take a name like Ferrari out of its usual setting, the ingenuity behind it all really shines. The "Arno XI" is a perfect example.

RM Auctions - Period shot of one of the racers crazy enough to pilot these at speed.

We found a small amount of footage out there from the last time the hydroplane went up for auction, and the engine sounds insane. Unfortunately, this video is going to tease you with the sound, and then break your heart with some elevator music. For that, I'm sorry.