Automotive Art from 1970's Citroën SM Brochure

We came across this photograph on Tumblr. The blurry lights, the soft focus are quintessential 70's. So is the vibe: Does she hold sunglasses or a cigar? Does it matter? Why the shadowed faces? Why the silence?

It's great photography. We needed more, and we found it in a brochure from the 70's

The brochure in question advertised Citroën's 1973 SM.

By most judgements, this is an odd car. The panel over the rear wheel, and the almost-bulky styling make it stand out, and to many, not in a good way.

But paired with this photography and the 70's aesthetic, the car shines.

Attitude, reflections, an almost Vegas-neon style. It's all there.

Lights crossing and some fashion choices seem to hint at checkered flags, which could be nodding to a connection shared with Maserati's racing heritage.

Citroën owned Maserati at the time, and the new '73 SM shared a powerplant with the Maserati Merak.

The photographer nailed an authentic aesthetic. And it's one that isn't all happiness and roses; that first image we shared seems to capture a tense moment. Its inclusion sends a message that Citroën deals in reality, whatever that reality is, instead of promising something fake. The '73 SM just is. You can take it or leave it.

It's a little mean, a little blurry, a little pretty, and all 1973. We'd like to hear your thoughts.