Sunday Afternoon Drive - Mercedes Benz Magical Moments

The 2015 Formula One Grand Prix season has come to an end, with Mercedes Benz winner the championship title. Congratulations Mercedes! Job well done.

From the early years of Grand Prix (before Formula 1), Mercedes Benz was a strong and sometime a very dominating team and manufacturer. There were some dark times during these early years, but in 1955 Mercedes Benz had their darkest moment which lead to the decision to pull out of motor sports. Mercedes would not return to Motorsports for many years. In the late 1960's did help support the AMG company, and in 1985 Mercedes join with Sauber by supplying engines for the World Sportscar Championship. In  1994 Mercedes returned to F1 as an engine supplier, and in 2009 Mercedes returned as a manufacturing racing team.  This year has been a dominating year for Mercedes in F1, with about 80% of the total points available going to the Mercedes powered cars. For more F1 stats and info.

I came across this very nice documentary of Mercedes Benz's magical moments in their motor sports history.

enjoy your Sunday Afternoon Drive... 

One of my favorite Mercedes Benz moments in motor racing story was more about an under-dog Italian racing team that challenged the mighty Benz. If you are curious.  1935 German GP

- Mike Butler

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