Poster child - Lamborghini Countach

It's hard to argue against the fact that the Lamborghini Countach is truly stunning to look at, and off the chart unique automobile. The design was original styled in the late 60's by was Marcello Gandini of the Bertone design studio, the same crazy designe that designed the beautiful Miura.

Produced from 1974 through 1990, the Countach model defines what Lamborghini is about. Some general history of this model. The Countach LP400S was introduced in 1978 as the second evolution of the Countach design. The LP400S received additional body panels/flairs, a rear wing, wider wheels, and other features that were revised from the original first generation LP400 design. Production numbers for the LP 400S series 2 show only 237 examples produced with three distinct series within the model. The series 2, which is the vehicle offered here, retained the styling of low body of the series 1, yet received a revised style of wheels. Only 105 series 2 where produced. PERFORMANCE: Power comes from Lamborghinis legendary V-12, with a factory claimed 353 Bhp at 7500 rpm. The motor in this car runs strong. The 5 speed manual transmission shift well.

To say something different or something you haven't already read in a magazine or book is not easy. So, here is my personal take on the car. I have always thought the car was the definition of an exotic car. I thought driving it would feel like I was drive a super low hovering spacecraft that was loud, fast, and visually arresting to the spectators (public). Well, non of that was true. Living in a small all American town, I was surprised how little attention it got, which for me was a plus. It didn't feel like a spaceship, but more like a hand made (not in the good way) Italian super car. Fit and finish in the car wasn't luxurious, but very functional and vintage (in touch and style). It didn't feel like it was going to fall apart. The only negative I had about the interior was the limited head room. At 6 foot, I was disappointed at the limited space. Wasn't impossible to live with, but it was a distraction. 

Driving the Countach. Well it was surprisingly easy. Like most, I have read how difficult the car was to drive. I didn't find it all that difficult. The clutch pedal was heavy, but I liked it. The shifter was just right in my opinion. The steering was stiff, but at least I knew I was turning the wheels. Is it fast?? I don't know. I was about to fully test the car. I did push the go pedal down a little to feel the power come on, and I can say it communicated well. Only wish I had more time and a more open road to fully test it. Would I own and drive a Countach? Simple answer, YES. 

Mike ButlerComment