Speed Art

Porsche 917 at Speed
I rarely pick up a paint brush to release some stress by being artistically creative. For this years  Porsche PCA Escape event I wanted to create something for my fellow Porsche friends. Just something interesting for them to take home. So I decided to paint on of my all time favorite Porsches, the 1970 Porsche 917. 
In this post I thought I would quickly show my creative process. I wanted to paint the image at  full speed, because I had some many other things to do. At the event the paint was raffled off. I hope it helped out the event with some extra money and I hope the winner enjoys it.

The first image shows a rough pencil sketch of a photo that I found. I decided on the crop and notes for colors. 

The second image show my hands dirty with carbon from the exhaust pipe of DB7 that we had in the showroom. This carbon was used to transfer the rough sketch (on craft paper) to the canvas. The darker lined sketch was from going over the original rough to transfer image. 

The next to images show the basic start and the final image. The last image was of the painting in the back seat of 1974 Carrera. Just before I took it to the PCA event.  

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