A Turbo Option For The Cayman and Boxster

Photography by   Roy Ritchie

Photography by Roy Ritchie

Before you get too excited. Porsche isn't looking to Turbo charge their existing flat 6, but instead introduce a Turbo charged 4 cylinder power plant. Sure the performance will be great, it's a Porsche. But will it be better? Subaru has a great turbo charged flat-4, but for some reason it's not inspiring or exciting sounding for a Porsche product.

We all want the drive the fastest car available on the market. The easiest way to increase horsepower is to add a Turbo to an existing power house motor. And when people hear TURBO and Porsche they can't help but think of the ultimate Porsche 911 Turbo. 

It seems everyone is a little sad about this new direction, but I guess we should give it a try. Or just keep drive our vintage Porsches.

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