For us Porsche nuts, a hot rod or vintage racer 911 is everything. There is just something special and cool about a classic 911 built to perfection. I don't want to use the term resto-mod, so I will call these builds "perfection-mods". 

The Iconic 911 is loved by people all over the world, and there are several companies or individuals building perfection-mod 911s. Recently we came across this very cool, a treat to the Porsche enthusiasts eyes. We know a purist will only like the original factory 911s, we can and do appreciate this, but there is just something more special about a car that is built to honor everything great about the air-cooled 911. 

The car is classic 911 built to perfection. Check out their site for more info.  LightSpeed Classics

Now for some Perfection-modding. Enjoy the video. 

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