The Start of Something Special - Porsche Gmünd #46

As automotive enthusiast, and fans of all things Porsche, we love a great historical story. Possibly the most interesting things about any automobile is where or what starter it all. For Porsche, racing has always been the thing that has been part of the defining reason why the brand is so loved. What was the first Porsche car to be entered and raced by Porsche? The 1951 Porsche 356 SL Gmünd. I could write out the vehicle's history, but like any car guy, a video to watch while the history is being told is much easier. Watch the videos at the bottom of this article. If you want to learn more and see the restorations, visit this link.  Emory Gmund 356SL

We had the super cool opportunity to see this special car in person at the 2016 Pebble Beach Concours. It was a great car to see, and one of our favorites at the show. Of course when taking photos of art, one much create their own art. ha. At Pebble Beach, there were so many people taking photos of cars in the expected normal angles, so we thought it would be fun to thinking differently and have some fun. Just enjoy the photos, and the great story.

Looks like a flat image.

From the ant's perspective.

Father and Son

Another ant photo. 

Nice and normal 

A clean and simple work station. 

The Gmund 356SL on the field at Pebble. A nice place to rest, but I'm sure it's happier on the road at speed.

Videos of the Gmund 356 SL 

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