Aston Martin - Power, Beauty and Soul

Aston Martin's brand slogan is Power, Beauty, and Soul. This slogan is possibly the best way to describe the products they produce, but in many ways this is just simplifying the brand. The company is known for so much; styling, class, strength, weakness, victorious, and failure to name a few.

We have always looked at the cars that came out of the Aston Martin factory doors and works of art as well as machinery to be driven. Each Aston Martin is hand made by craftsman, which sometimes gives the car character or soul. I thought I would take a minute to define, from my viewpoint, Aston Martin's slogan.

photo by Talacrest

photo by Talacrest


This should the the first on the list. Aston Martin has always been first about the power that their motors produced. Similar to companies like Ferrari, the motor that powered the brands car, should be powerful and the most important part of the car. Hand made and designed to win.



Some of the most elegant, or beautiful, sports cars every made were produced by Aston Martin. Over the years, the styling of the brands vehicles have been loved and admired by many. The image has been associated with other top level products and to the people




Lastly, and possibly the hardest to point out or describe, the Aston Martin soul. To me the soul comes from the hand crafted quality of the cars, and equally the determination of the companies drive to keep moving forward. The Aston Martin company never did make a real profit, which is an easy thing to do. The real hard part of an automotive car producer is building a powerful and beautiful car, which Aston Martin was successful.

Aston Martin is doing much better today.  With models like 2007 Aston Martin V8 Vantage that we have offered for sale, one can say the brand is a success as well as all owners of the V8 Vantage.

The following video is about the legend of theAston Martin racing history.

The following video by Everyday Driver, is a short film on the V8 Vantage.

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