Porsche Palooza 2017

A Porsche gathering in Arkansas. For us, we have the privilege of having a great Porsche event in our own neck of the woods. Thanks to our regional PCA members and the Zechiedrich for hosting the event. This year marks the 12th annual gathering. Great people, wonderful cars and some awesome Arkansas roads. Here are some photos from this years event. 

Some historical stats on the event.  

  • In 2005, the inaugural year, Palooza attracted 57 Porsche models showcasing the diversity Porsche has to offer.
  • Year two brought out 117 Porsches and over 200 participants, making PCA Palooza the 4th largest Porsche event in the United States.
  • For year three, Palooza continued to increase in both cars and enthusiasts with 137 Porsches from 11 states.
  • In years four and five, over 170 Porsches and over 300 people joined in the fun and camaraderie.
  • In 2012, selected as the PCA National event, "Escape to the Ozarks" grew to over 300 Porsches.  This was the largest PCA Escape event to date!
  • Palooza 2013-2015 continued to attract over 250 Porsches of all models and 500+ participants annually. 
  • In 2016, over 600 participants from 24 PCA regions in 14 states brought 298 Porsches.  
  • Palooza 2017, over 600 participants from 29 regions in 16 states brought over 330 Porsches. 
Mike ButlerComment