Small town Cars & Coffee

A few years ago, a John Brown University student (Dustin) came to us with an idea and a wish to host a Cars & Coffee gathering. The ideal was to have cars and coffee with Ehrlich Motorwerks & Pour Jon's (the cool coffee shop across the street from us). I will be honest, at the time I thought it was kind of crazy. Why? Because Siloam Springs is a small town, and who would drive to a small town for a cup of coffee. To me, the Cars and Coffee thing was more of a big city thing. I guess was wrong. People do want to drive to get a cup and coffee and hang out with other car guy/gal friends. 

Like anything, it takes time and an effort to keep an event going, and we almost completely stopped having the Siloam Springs Cars & Coffee for about a year. We had a good turn out, be for reasons such as weather, scheduling conflicts, and other things would interrupt the Cars and Coffee gathering. More recently, Pour Jon's, the coffee shop, told us that they were going to move the business to a new location. Pour Jon's was going to move to the other side of downtown Siloam Springs (less than a 1/2 mile away). At first I thought no more Cars and Coffee, but then I thought... no, let's making it a bigger better Cars and Coffee. More parking, bigger coffee shop and still a great cup of coffee and even cooler cars.

Some photos from the April first, SSC&C gathering.  We didn't take nearly as many photos that I had hoped. 


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