An Aston Martin Kind of Week

There are very few auto manufactures that have a rich history of producing beautiful, power and soul stirring emotional products as does Aston Martin. To celebrate the brand, Aston Martin gathered up many of the brands legendary models to display under one roof. Enjoy this visual treat of some beautiful Aston Martins being enjoyed by some very lucky and talented drivers.  

For us, this has been an Aston Martin kind of week, well as least it was a Aston Martin Monday. The 2007 AM Vantage we had in inventory sold to a great new owner in South Carolina and then another great local owner called for some service needs on his 2007 AM Vantage. It's funny that both Vantages are the same year and exterior color. Yesterday, Monday was an Aston Martin day, and now today I received this fun film from Aston Martin UK. So cool. 


Sold 2007 Vantage to South Carolina

Sold 2007 Vantage to South Carolina

Local 2007 Vantage in for some service

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