Monterey Car Week 2018

Monterey car week can almost overwhelm the any car person. Overwhelming because you can't see it all, yet there is so much to see without trying. Cool and interesting cars at all of the auctions, the cars shows, and just driving around. You never know what you are going to see at every intersection or in any parking lot. 

This year was different because my wife was with me. It was her first time to attend the week with me. She likes cars to a point or level, and she soon found Monterey was beyond any car level she every. I like to look at the cars and it can get overwhelm, but I don't know it's too much. 

The following are some photos from some of the auctions, events and cars on the street. 


Our first event, Mecum auctions. We had two cars consigned with Mecum this year, so of course it was a little challenging to think about what to look at. 

After watching our 308 GTS cross the auction block, a really good friend called me to see if we would want to attend a private party hosted by Hagerty at Pebble Beach. It was a lot of fun to attend, yet it was also very crowded. Made some new friends, and talked to some Hagerty specialist about sponsoring a drive in Arkansas.


2018 PCA WERKS REUNION was going to be a new and better day. First up was the PCA Werks Reunion. Last year (2017) we attended this gathering and the traffic/parking was terrible, but surprisingly this year the traffic was easy and the parking was quick. Thumbs up to the PCA crew. Like all Porsche gatherings, I just go into meltdown. So much to admire and look at. It's so hard to take the time to look at each car and talk to the owners. We 110% love this event. 

After the PCA Werks Reunion we went back to Mecum for the other car we brought. The ISO Rivolta was interesting to many, but for whatever reason it did not sell.

Photo Aug 24, 2 19 22 PM.jpg

The above two cars did sell at the auction. On the left, the 1933 DUESENBERG MODEL J CONVERTIBLE, Sold for $3,850,000. On the right the 1964 CHEVROLET CHEVELLE 300 2-DOOR WAGON, Sold for $143,000.

It’s still Friday and there is much more to see and do. Next stop is the Gooding Auction to check out some cars of interest. Gooding auction had a surprise car sitting outside the front door. The recently purchase Series 1 Ferrari GTO. Now famous for it’s over the top value.

Photo Aug 24, 7 30 40 PM.jpg


Our final full day at Monterey. The plan was to relax and fun things. No plans were made to attend any of the many car events. We really just wanted to enjoy the area. No car events, didn’t mean we wouldn’t see any cars. We went to Carmel to shop and have lunch, and what did we see? More cars. Every street had a cool cars parked or every 2 minutes another super car would drive by. Couldn’t help buy to take some photos. We did have a great lunch, although it was a little chilly eating outside. The architecture in Carmel is also enjoyable.

After Carmel we drove to Monterey Bay. Saw some more cars driving and around. Travel was tighter, but we found a good spot to park. Walked around a little and then we did something we didn’t think we would do. Visit the RM auction to look at some more cars.

Photo Aug 25, 4 03 24 PM (1).jpg

We really didn’t think we would attend another event, but we did. The RM auction is held in the downtown area of Monterey. We checked out some very special cars and meet up with some friends.

rm Aug 25, 8 09 07 PM.jpg

Monterey 2018 was a good one. Of course there was so much to take in, but spending the car week with my wife was the best part.