Netflix Releases Journey to Le Mans

Chalk one up for the enthusiast crowd on Netflix.

Journey to Le Mans was released on the streaming service earlier this month. The documentary follows Team Jota, drivers Oliver Turvey and Harry Tincknell, as well as Allan Mcnish and others.

According to the director herself, "The story of men who are not part of a massive budget factory team with millions in backing from sponsors and commercial deals, but who train, eat, sleep and work their arses off for their own personal relentless dream, to take on the hardest race on earth. We think THAT is a story, and while factory teams have a story to tell, this is personal and the audience at home will not be watching a commercial about a brand, but a MOVIE about passion..."

Sounds awesome. If you've already worked through the Top Gear back catalog on Netflix, Journey to Le Mans might fit the bill.

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