The CHEAPEST Cars at the Amelia Auctions

Affordable and cheap at some classic car auctions are two of the most relative words in the building. Today, we went through all of the cars listed at the upcoming Amelia Island auction houses to see what vehicles are on the lowest end of a very, very high totem pole.

R. M. Sotheby's

Courtesy Sotheby's

Courtesy Sotheby's

Auction giant Sotheby's has some insanely great cars this year, including an beautiful 1957 Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta.

The lowest-going car happens to be a funny looking 2004 London Taxi Cab. Low miles, and ready to serve. If you are into TAXIs or want to be a taxi driver with something different to drive then this might just be the car to get.

The car is definitely a novel purchase. You'd really have to love London to spring for this one. 

Lot 105  2004 London TXII Taxi   $35,000 - $40,000

R. M. Sotheby's lot info:





Courtesy Bonham's

Courtesy Bonham's


Bonham's auction offers a superb 1967 Ferrari GTB/4 and a….

1978 Jeep CJ-5.

It's charming, with it's chimney-like exhaust. Not sure why this guy is at Amelia Island, but if you're looking to get a tough and rugged Jeep, why not get one at Amelia Island?

Lot 106  1978 JEEP CJ-5   US$ 20,000 - 30,000

Bonham's auction site:



Gooding and Co.

Courtesy Gooding and Co.

Courtesy Gooding and Co.

Courtesy Gooding and Co.

Courtesy Gooding and Co.

Gooding and Co.'s auction is the true highlight of the auction week.

Sure, Sotheby's has that incredible Ferrari. But Gooding has 16 of Jerry Seinfeld's Porsches and two of his Volkswagens. And they're immaculate. If I was at Gooding and Co. right now, I'd be giddy.

The greatest affordable car at Amelia Island? Jerry Seinfeld's VW Beetle. Under 16,000 miles, a beautiful white paint finish, and a two tone interior all make for many, many smiles-per-mile. Seinfeld notes on Gooding's site that 1960 is the last year of the 36hp engine.

With this one, you're not winning any races, but you get a great piece of history -- in more ways than one.

Lot 047   1960 VW Beetle   est. $35,000 - $55,000


They're more affordable offerings both start at $35,000. The first is a 1962 MG MK II 1600 Roadster. It's pretty, but a little too pretty. The restoration took away some of that vintage, survivor glory.

Lot 2  1961 MGA MKII 1600   est. $35,000 - $45,000

Gooding's vehicle list:






As you can see the list is short, and it's questionable to call these cars cheap. What we can say is, a car is just a car, and money doesn't have a steering wheel.  The next question to ask is... is it more insane to call these cars cheap or affordable, than call the $ million collector car an investment? 

We would be happy to drive any of these 4 cheap cars. The air-cooled Beetle is our favorite of the group.