The Vintage - One of the Nation's Largest (and best?) BMW Gatherings

The Vintage BMW Gathering

328 classic BMWs showed up in 2015 to make the Vintage one of the largest BMW events in North America. This year, the event runs from May 20 - 22, in Asheville, NC.

The Vintage's independence is part of what makes the event so appealing. There is no corporate pressure or anything else going on at the same time. Independence seems to really help organizers create a great experience for everyone. The directors note that the Vintage is less of a car show and more of a car gathering.

Scott Sturdy, director of the Vintage, says that many people are hesitant to come because they don't own a show car. He emphasizes that show cars aren't what the event is about. They have cars with patina, barn finds, complete restorations; cars at the Vintage vary greatly, and that's part of why it's so great.

"A Car really should be for something. It's not a closet, it's not a potting shed, it's a car. It should be for driving."