1974 Porsche 914 LE


YEAR:  1974


MODEL:  914

VIN: 4742914480  

EXTERIOR:  Light Ivory/Phoenix Red


ODOMETER: 154,000 miles 


In 1973, the Porsche 917/30 dominated the Can-Am racing series, with Penske driver Mark Donohue winning the last six of eight total races. With their strong winning season Porsche wanted to celebrate and capitalize by marketing a Limited Edition run of special cars. Interestingly Porsche chose the 914 as the model to have the special edition. Originally Porsche wanted to name these special 914s the "Can-am", but due to copyrights cost Porsche decided to go with next best and super cool title of Limited Edition (LE). Fortunately the cars had much cooler nicknames, the Creamsicle and Bumblebee. 

A production number of 1,000 of the 914 2.0L Limited Edition, with basically 50% Creamsicle and 50% Bumblebee. The Creamsicle: With a cream color exterior (paint code U2V9), these cars were in Light Ivory/Phoenix red trim, including color matched lower valences, bumpers and Mahle wheels. This light ivory color scheme concept carried over from the 1973 911 Carrera RS series.


This 1974 Porsche 914 2.0 LE was first started in February of 1974. The car was first sold on 5/1/1974 at Pan-Am Porsche (New Orleans, LA). In 1981 the car went to the second owner, and the car moved to Colorado Springs CO. For the next 23 years the car was daily transporation from 1974 to 2004, with about 150,000 miles traveled. The engine was completely rebuilt in 2005. For the next 12 car was basically not driven (driven less than 250 miles), but thankful it was garage kept during this time.

Being a fan of all Porsches, we feel in love with this car. Many reasons to like any Porsche, and for this one the owners personal story was a big reason. Another cool thing is the car itself and the fact it survived. This car still has most of its original paint, and interior. It clearly shows its character with worn and chipped paint and other battle scars from its regular use. We also love this car for its special and limited edition, one of 500 Creamsicle styling.  To get the car back on the road we had to do a number of things. To name a few, flush fuel system, new fuel hose, fuel filter, brake system fluid flush, new rear struts, all sway bar bushing, replace 4 tires, repair clutch cable, added an oil cooler, inspected the car, fixed light issue, adjusted many things, clean and then cleaned some more to call out a few of the things we did. We didn't want to restore this car, mainly because we enjoy seeing the car in its naturally aged unrestored original condition. You could say we wanted to preserve the car, and be able to enjoy driving it. It's easy to see the car was regularly driven for many years, and now it can be driven and enjoy once again. 


The 2.0L motor was completely rebuilt 2005 by an independent Porsche specialist. It runs strong and well today. The exhaust and heater are in good condition. The Fuel Injection system is working nicely and continues to improve the more we drive the car. The transmission shifts well and the clutch is good, newer clutch cable and new shift linkage bushing. The brakes stops the car well for its age. The gauges work. An external oil cooler was added. New battery. Service with valve adjustment. 


The light ivory-white and Phoenix Red is mostly original paint in weather condition. Clearly the car has lots of paint chips. The exterior finish on the car is very aged and somewhat worn. The car does have rust, yet it is also very solid. There are several areas with just surface rust, and yes the typical rust area under the battery has rust and has not been repaired. A replacement battery tray was installed at some point in the vehicle's live. From upper rubber bumpers is in poor condition, but the rear rubber bumper is still in good condition. The windshield was recently replaced along with the out trim. The front spoiler is not the original style plastic spoiler, and it was most likely replace before 1981 (during the first owner's time with the car). The top is in good condition. The glass is good with some light scratches on the side windows.    


The interior is the original and it's in great condition. Show some age, but for the most part it is in very clean condition. The dealer add-on A/C does not work, but the original hardware does come with the car. All other factory controls work. The interior is nice and comfortable. 


To us, this is a fun car to drive. It's not about how fast the car can go to 60, but it's more about the driving experience; the open top, smiling as you go through the tight curves, zipping around town, and cruising down the back roads.  It's not a fast car, yet it's a quick car. Excellent handling, which is what the 914 is known for. Basically the 914 2.0 is vintage Porsche fun... for a lot less money than a vintage 911. As these cars age, it's more about the history, the design and the memories. 

As you will see below in the photo gallery, we like driving the car around. We photographed the car in different locations, just for the fun of it.  


Please feel free to call or email if you have questions or would like to see this car. 




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1974 Porsche 914
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