1974 Porsche Creamsicle

The limited edition 914. Only 1,000 examples of the Creamsicle, Bumble Bee, and Grasshopper. Porsche produced this special series to celebrate the success they had with the Cam Am racing series. Original Porsche wanted to name this special edition the 914 CamAm, but due to name copyrights Porsche decided to go with the super cool title of Limited Edition (LE). The cars had much cooler nicknames, and the Creamsicle is possibly our favorite choice. 


In 1974, Porsche produced a series of Limited Edition cars for the North American market to commemorate Porsche's victories in the Can Am racing series, and were equipped with unique color schemes and came standard with otherwise optional equipment. The factory is said to have produced about 1,000 of these vehicles, about 50% Bumblebee and 50% Creamsicle. Variants of this series were manufactured and distributed in very limited numbers to European markets and Japan.

The Creamsicle: With a cream color exterior (paint code U2V9), these cars sported Phoenix red trim, including color matched lower valences, bumpers and Mahle wheels. This light ivory color scheme concept carried over from the 1973 911 Carrera RS series.

The Bumblebee: Featuring a black exterior (paint code L041), these cars sported Sunflower yellow trim (paint code L13K). Black body paint color was always an additional cost special option on standard 914 Porsche cars, but was included as a standard component on the black 914 LE cars. All but one photo of the 914 Porsche Can Am prototype cars are Bumblebee cars. The black-based 914 LE color scheme is unique to the 914 LE cars and has no precedent with the Can Am race cars or the 1973 911 Carrera RS series cars. The majority of 914 Limited Editions seem to be Bumblebees.

All 914 LE cars featured a specially designed front spoiler and negative side stripes. Additionally, all Limited Editions were equipped with front and rear anti sway bars, dual horns, leather covered steering wheel, driving lights, black painted rear roll bar trim, Targa bar vinyl delete, and a center console with an oil temperature gauge, clock, and voltmeter


This super cool Creamsicle was found in Colorado still owned by it's second owner. 

The car isn't currently running. Mostly original and with great patina. We look forward to driving this tasty little 914. 

1961 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Speciale

Design: Franco Scaglione of Bertone
Exterior finished in Bianco Gardenia (original color)

When a design is a work of art. 

We love this little Alfa and it's special design. Something we could drive all day. Driving cars like this Sprint Special make one feel alive the entire time. Great happy car.

More photos to come. Right now we are too busy driving around.


1979 Ferrari 308 GTB

Not for sale

Chassis Number: F106AB  30397
Decoded: F106AB=2.9L V8; 20443=Chassis Number
Engine number: F106A E 01774

Engine spec: 2926 cc DOHC V8
4 x Weber 40DCNF Twin Choke Carburetors/205 hp
5-Speed Manual Transmission
Power Assisted Four Wheel Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Odometer: 56,780 miles

• Beautiful and desirable color combination of Silver over Red
• Final year of the carbureted 308 GTB
• U.S. delivery car, includes books, tools, and jack
• Recent complete 30k major service

The Model – Ferrari introduced the 308 GTB (Berlinetta) at the Paris Salon in October 1975 as the replacement for the Dino 246. The new 308 GTB was beautifully designed by Leonardo Fioravanti, of Pininfarina. Power came from a transverse mid-mounted four cam V8 with four Weber twin choke carburetors connected to a 5-speed manual transmission. The finished product was a success for Ferrari, and with the sleek styled GTB and the later open top GTS, the 308/328 models become one of the most loved and recognized model range that Ferrari produced. The early cars utilized a fiberglass (vetroresina) bodies, and from mid-1977 the bodies were made of steel. Production was 1975 through 1979 during which time just 2,185 steel bodied carbureted 308 GTB's were produced for the world markets.

The Car —  This beautiful US delivery 308 GTB (steel bodied) was produced on December 1979, which is the last year Ferrari offered a carbureted variant of the 308. Finished in wonderful Silver (Argento Auteuil) over Red (Rosso) leather. It's easy to see this car has been loved and cared for over the years. The vehicle received a complete bare metal repaint (photo documented) to renew it's aging factory silver paint, and even after several years the paint looks excellent. The Rosso red interior is very original with great patina, only natural aging and wear. Overall this vehicle is very clean and well preserved with a very good service history. Recently this 308 received an extensive engine out major service with new timing belts, water pump, valve adjustment, and several items replaced / updated due to age (hoses, seals, ignition wires, etc). Some noted enhancement to the car, 16” Ferrari wheels from a later model 308 and a TUBI exhaust muffler. Car comes with the original set of 14" wheels, as well as the owners manual/books, service records, tool kit, and jack kit.

1999 Ferrari 550 Maranello Quick Silver

This beautiful Ferrari 550 has been well cared for and enjoyed. Not the usual garage art piece. This car has been drive 45,000 miles, and all we can say is "it's so nice to see a Ferrari with some miles on the clock." 

1984 Porsche 911 M491

Collection Car - Not For Sale

Factory Turbo Look M491

This 911 is part of the family. 

The code M491 was an option that had been on Porsche's option list going back to the 70's. Although one could make a call to Porsche, the option was basically an exclusive option for factory race cars or customer cars that had a racing future. In the late 70's early 80's a customer could choose the M491 option as a part of Porsche's Special Wishes program, which was intended for street or race.  In 1984 Porsche officially made the M491 Turbo Look option as part of the street car option list for the North American customers. The 930 (911 Turbo) was not offered to the North American market, so the M491 was in a way a solution for the fact one could not get a US legal 930. The option was roughly a $10,000 option in 1984-89. The car came with the same body, suspension, brakes and interior (less a few turbo related items) as the 930. One basically purchased a 930 less the turbo motor and transmission. For many years, cars with the M491 Turbo Look option had both lovers and haters. Those that loved the option, looked at it as the best of both worlds. A car with the look, handling and braking of a Turbo 930, and without the headache of Turbo maintenance cost. The haters, called the M491 a poser, a fake, an under powered fat 911. These haters were typically 930 owners or big fans of the 930 Turbo. Today, there seems to be less haters and more lovers. 

1975 Porsche 911 Carrera

Collection Car - Not For Sale









Drive Train: RWD

Over the next few months we will be returning this Carrera to its original state. The car has been in storage since 1986 and the condition is very nice, with original paint interior. Of course, all of the mechanical components will have to be inspected, repaired, and in some cases replaced. We will also be doing some detailed research on the car's history as well as the rarity and uniqueness of the Carrera model.


JUST SO YOU KNOW. The engine is out of the car for maintenance and care. The car sat for many years in a dry garage without being driven or ran.

1975 Lancia Fulvia Safari

This unique little Fulvia Sarfai will be arriving soon. Fun little car. Looking forward to some Safari rally driving. These image are just placeholder images until the vehicle arrives.