1961 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Speciale

Design: Franco Scaglione of Bertone
Exterior finished in Bianco Gardenia (original color)

When a design is a work of art. 

We love this little Alfa and it's special design. We have been driving and improving this Sprint Special, so for now we are just enjoying it. 

More photos to come. Right now we are too busy driving around.

Between 1958 and 1962 a total of 27,466 “101” series Alfa Spiders and Sprints were produced. Among these, just 1,366 were the dynamic and highly stylized Sprint Speciale, a spin-off of the radical ‘BAT series’ cars. This fine Sprint Speciale is a long-time California car having enjoyed one long-term owner in California for nearly twenty years. While an Italian delivery car originally, the previous long-term owner had purchased the car from another central California resident in the early 1990s, confirming the was imported fairly early it is life. 

As a late, European specification example, this Sprint Speciale is fitted with the smaller and more attractive side marker lights, and gauges in Italian script. It is also fitted with the desirable 5-Speed transmission, which lends itself nicely to higher speed tour and rally driving, as well as freeway cruising among modern traffic. 

Included with the car is the Italian license plate, a July 1961 issue of Road and Track containing the Alfa Sprint Speciale road test, an Alfa Romeo Giulietta instruction book, a Glenn’s Alfa Romeo Repair & Tune-up guide, a Giulietta shop manual, and a Giulietta 1300 spare parts catalogue, and some records of ownership detailed the extent of the restoration work performed.

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