Affordable European Classics - To Daily Drive

The great names in automobiles didn't just build the icons that, today, everybody wants a piece of.

Need a daily driver? Want to set yourself apart? Here's three more affordable classics from Mercedes, Volkswagen, and Alfa Romeo.

1. 1960 - 1979 Mercedes 240D 

We love the classic styling and tank built quality of the 240D. The legendary history of the super reliable Mercedes diesel motor is a great choice for daily commuting and fuel economy. 

Source unknown

Source unknown


2. Volkswagen GTI MK1

The Volkswagon GTI is the car that created the term "hot hatch".  Basic and boring boxy styling, but the performance and handling is where things become exciting and fun. A great car to make everyday commuting fun. 

Volkswagen historical images

Volkswagen historical images

The MK1 introduced a new idea: add performance to a basic vehicle. The 1.8l, 110 bhp feels impressive in such a small car. The look comes from former Bertone designer, Giorgetto Giugiaro, who came up with the original Golf MK1. Volkswagen updated the GTI, most notably with the red highlight around the grille.




3. Alfa GTV6

It's Italian. Need we say more? Another Giorgetto Giugiaro design, the GTV6 is the more powerful iteration of the earlier GT models produced from 1974 - 1980. The restyled GTV6 debuted in 1980 with the hood bulge to accommodate the engine's intake. It's a great car that performs, though the styling is definitely unique. And while the Alfa might be challenging to drive everyday, it's hard to beat for the passionate enthusiast. 

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