Sunday Afternoon Drive Movie - Champions Forever

For those of us that the love Formula One racing will find this documentary film, showcasing the teams and the drivers fight to become World Champions forever, an exciting, colorful and dangerous time in F1 history. 



Champions Forever: The Formula One Drives, is a documentary of 1975, which had the original title, the name of One by One. The documentary is narrated by Stacy Keach and speech about the lethality of races of Formula One at time. One time extremely dangerous to run, where fatalities crash, were part of the daily lives of pilots. In 1978 the documentary was reissued with the name of The Quick and The Dead, including the death of American pilot Tom Pryce in the GP of South Africa of 1977. Only later he received the title of Champios Forever: The Formula One Drives, when if had another release.

The documenary has interviews with pilots that ran in the early 70, as Jackie Stewart, Peter Revson, Mike Hailwood and François Cevert. Beyond of appear others pilots what ran in the category in those years.
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