James Corbett - Motor wrecker turned artist

In 1998, James Corbett started with metal.

He was the proprietor of a motor wrecking business, which gave him access to a great deal of material. After putting together one sculpture with what he had lying around, he put it by the cash register and got a great response from everyone who saw it.

His sculptures started selling here and there, and within two years, he decided with his wife to sell the motor wrecking business and become a full time sculptor.

Today, collectors from all around the world look for his work, and for good reason. He sculptures have a attitude. Personality. Aggression. The dogs seem more dog-like than you would think sculptures should be. His motoring characters hunch over handle bars and the drivers seem to be leaning into a turn. They're moving, everything has momentum.

In some pieces, the metal feels a little haunting, like caricatures of adrenaline or the feeling of driving fast. Other pieces are just plain cool (I'm looking at the gorilla...).

James' website and blog catalogs some of what he's up to, like the polar bears he made out of thousands of spark plugs, and currently available pieces. Give him a visit, look around, and take it all in. Jamescorbettart.com

He's also competed in a round of Australia's Formula Ford series, and finished 2nd for the weekend. Oh, and he's a Porsche fanatic. That 356 won Best in Show for the pre-1970 category at James' local car show. Very cool.

James Corbett Porsches

All images used with permission from James Corbett and Jamescorbettart.com