Shirts? Yes. Ehrlich Motorwerks' Bahnstormers

Bahn-stormer, not barn-stormer. There's a difference, see?

Bahnstormers are those cars and drivers with enough in 'em to take on the Autobahn. Barnstormers were 20's pilots running stunt shows until the government shut them down. Too many wrecks. Both cool, but we're not pilots. We're drivers, and it's Bahnstormer.

Right now, we've got two designs for the Bahnstormers shirts, and one with the Ehrlich Motorwerks' crest.

Each shirt is made from a high quality cotton and polyester blend. They're soft, they feel good, and they fit well, too. These are premium-quality shirts, the same as, or similar to, the shirts the top sports apparel brands print anything on.

For a limited time, these first-run shirts will be available at a discount for $27.

We'll making them available in-store and online very soon.