Art Cars - The Great and the Weird.

Sometimes amazing, sometimes weird, art cars have always had a cool niche in racing history. Here's some Ehrlich favorites, most of which are Porsche, though BMW's tradition of commissioning artists is also hard to beat.

The "Hippie Car", with its psychedelic livery, took 2nd place at Le Mans in 1970.

Perhaps not strictly an art car, Hermann and Attwood's tasteful red and white deserves a mention if only because they won Le Mans in 1970, beating out the "Hippie Car."

In 1971, Porsche developed the "Pink Pig" as a low-drag body style as a hybrid of the short and long tail versions of the 917. After excellent preliminary results, the car crashed after a brake failure, eliminating it from the race. Still

Hard to beat a 911, and Kremer Porsche's green 911S is downright cool.

The insane 935/78 "Moby Dick", named for that eerily whale-like tail and white paint scheme.

Roy Lichtenstein's BMW 320i Turbo

Andy Warhol's M1 Group 4

Jeff Koons BMW Art Car

And most recently, Jeff Koon's M3 GT2

Of course this is just a few great and interesting cars wearing art.