Drama. Noise. Speed.


Drama. Noise. Speed.

Three words for motorsports.

Those words also work for Klaus Wagger's works. Probably because of the remarkably strong F1 community where he was born in the Austrian Tirol.

Austria's famous cattle and mountains don't exactly conjure images of burning rubber, but it was there that Mr. Wagger developed a passion for motorsports.

Life is surprising that way.






Mr. Wagger remembers the local hero, Franz Albert, known for driving the loudest, most exotic cars. Those cars inspired Wagger first to draw in class, and then eventually to become an automotive designer.

But, your career isn't always full of warm-and-fuzzy, life-fulfilling magic.

After spending hours fussing over the smallest of details, Mr. Wagger took up painting as a creative outlet.

In 2000, he entered a poster contest for that year's Mille Miglia.

His rendering of the Mercedes SSK took first place, and his art career has taken off since. One of his notable works was for the 2007 Daytona 500.

In 2013, he was voted into the Automotive Fine Arts Society.










Mr. Wagger says he doesn't care about painting "realistic" backgrounds, and he doesn't pre-sketch his compositions.

Instead, he likes the freedom to "discover" what what will happen after he quickly fills in a background, "surprises included."

His latest work includes this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed poster.

See more at http://klauswagger.at