ARTIST - Bernd Lehmann

Art is a way of life with us at Ehrlich MW, so of course we enjoy art and find inspiration from other artist. Recently, I came across Bernd Lehmann, an artist living near Hamburg Germany. Lehmann is a freelance artist with a talent for lithographer. His style is a blend of realism and impressionism. 

The art and technology of etching can be a challenge, but Lehmann seems to make it look easy. He cuts his mirrored pictures into a metal surface to create a design in intaglio just like the old masters i.e. Rembrandt. He inks the metal plate with a single color, and then marries it with a moistened sheet of paper, finally using a high pressure printing press to transfer the image. Every single print is finished in limited number. Some pieces he may treated them in a special way with additional colors as he sees necessary. So every print is a genuine original. In some ways, can one even call it a print? 

Enjoy the visual artistic talent of Bernd Lehmann.  The Video shows Bernd and his creative process. 

photos from Bernd Lehmann