Autodromo - Brian Redman Gold Edition

In 1969 Brian Redman's racing career was at full speed with victories in some of the world's greatest cars of the period. Just some of the cars Brian drove in his racing career; Ford GT40, Porsche 908 and 917, Ferrari 312, Alfa Tipo 33 and several Formula One teams just to name a few. Brain joined the Porsche Racing Team in the late 60's, and in 1969 with teammate Jo Siffert Porsche won the World Manufacturers Championship in the 908/2. Redman repeated this feat in 1970 with the 908/3 and the awesome 917K.

Designer Bradley Price, of AUTODROMO, has created another wonderful time piece, the Prototipo Chronograph - Brian Redman Limited Edition from the inspiration of the historical race legends Brian Redman and Porsche. 

The Brian Redman Prototipo Chronograph showcases the legendary Red and White paint scheme as the Porsche 908 Salzburg car, with a green centerstop hand referencing the bright green accents on the race car that helped to differentiate it from a distance. The designer details continue to caseback, which features a map of the tortuous Nurburgring Nordschleife circuit. The Prototipo Brian Redman Edition comes in special edition packaging along with a 42 page booklet hand-signed by Brian himself. A limited production of 500 will be created. 

We find the Autodromo watches to have a nice blend of well designed classic styling and high quality. The leather band truly completes the design.

Photo credit, unknown

Photo credit, unknown

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