PCA Palooza - November 12 - 15th

Porsche enthusiast's nationwide will descend upon Eureka Springs in 44 days for the 11th annual PCA Palooza.

If you have a Porsche and want to attend, please click the PCA Palooza logo. 



It's cool, it's local, and we're especially pumped for the drive to the event. From Siloam Springs, it's about an hour-and-a-half drive to Eureka Springs. Not sure which route we will take to Eureka. To be honest it doesn't really matter which route we take, because the roads are so good. 

The nice thing about driving through the Ozarks in late fall is the cooler weather, great open roads and a lot of Porsche driving around. That's hard to beat. 

We'll be updating with regards to what's happening this year, what we're looking forward to, and who we're excited to meet. Keep an eye out.

Here's some photos from past events:


Some more photos from the 2014 PCA Palooza event

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