Songs to Drive to - "Real Hero" by College and Electric Youth

Poster by Empire Design

Poster by Empire Design

I watched Drive in theaters when it came out four years ago, and it's still one of the coolest movies I've seen. Director Nicholas Winding Refn chews up and spits out the 80's nostalgia into our present.

The movie is all neon and gloss. Ryan Gosling's character says maybe thirty lines. The violence is sudden, brutal, and passes before you can sort it out. Behind all of this the soundtrack's foggy synths, breathy vocals, and 80's basslines hum, wrenching and releasing all of the tension.

Now, there's nothing classic and European car-wise in the film (unless you want to count the Italian gangsters). I wanted to feature Drive because the aesthetic is just so cool, and it tried something very different from a lot of other movies were doing. 

It pushed visuals over dialogue and drama over the constant stream of action we've grown so used to seeing at the movies. The Fast and Furious franchise had set a tone for what "car movies" are about, and Drive came into theaters, looked around at its peers, and still decided doing its own thing.

The movie got me because it was different, even if that meant criticism and a smaller audience.


If you've seen it, here's the song that you probably can't get out of your head:

Taken from the original soundtrack of the motion picture 'DRIVE' written, composed, and produced by College and Electric Youth

Find the soundtrack anywhere you can purchase music online (duh).

We'd love to hear what you drive to.

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