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Brothers Clayton and Bobby Chamberlain founded American Native Goods out of Fayetteville, Arkansas, in 2011. Self-defined as "a new company rooted in some old-fashioned ideas," they channel their creative energy into high quality denim and leather.

When we asked Bobby why they do what they do, he talked about how growing up on a farm gave them that hands on, self-made, get-your-hands-dirty kind of ethos. There’s no pedestal here, or someone taking the best thing and putting it behind a glass box and an alarm system. American Native Goods make durable products to be used, worn and loved.

Part of what has made the company popular is a growing desire in a new "user experience." Sure, you could go out and buy denim pre-faded and distressed with a knife in a factory. But that seems false to many people. Alternatively, there is something special about having something that changes, fades, and grows with you, as you use it. Something authentic.

Bobby said that this is part of what American Native does, “Our leather starts out in a very neutral color state – with exposure to the sun, and contact with oil in your hands, it darkens, it gets wear, they morph into something else.”

For instance, their selvedge denim and leather apron.

It’s made from Cone Mills 12oz selvedge denim.  The apron has a pocket up top for small things like a pencil or cell phone. The 13” x 7” leather pocket has room enough for that ratchet or wrench. Copper rivets reinforce the corners, and keep your tools upright in-pocket. You can adjust the strap around your neck, and two D-rings (square) make the back strap fit snug.

The whole apron is 32” long and 31” wide, because the folks at American Native use the whole width of the denim fabric to make sure it all stays together. If you need, they have even made a washable version with snaps to remove and return the leather.

“We don’t throw on anything extra that’s not being used. There’s a simplicity to it…With detail and attention we give a product that is durable…” Bobby said.

“It’s simple, but beautiful.”

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