Porsche Everyday - The love of driving.

Recently, our in-house master mechanic purchase his first air-cooled Porsche 911. Note, I said first, because I can already tell this isn't his last air-cooled Porsche for him. Since his purchase, he almost daily says something about how much he enjoys driving it, or how it's time for a road trip, or these cars were meant to be driven...everyday. Porsche passion.

Today, I was exploring the internet world of Porsche, and I came across a couple of enthusiast, that share the same love for their cars. So much so that they decided that driving their Porsches was the most important and enjoyable way of getting around. It's about cruising around to be seen, but about the enjoyment of driving. It's great to see someone saying, I don't care about market values, or having the viewpoint that if something breaks we will just fix it. Got to drive to live. 

This first video is, Mark Pribanic, and his personal desire to own a 356 and how it turned into something very special. It's funny to hear him talk about the random thoughts we (car enthusiast) have about how we want our vehicles to look, but what we really and truly enjoy is driving. 

This next video is about Guy Newmark's incredible journey with his very special  1,000,000 mile Porsche 356. Driving any car for more than 100,000 miles becomes a big deal. Some of us find the car becomes a part of the family. Specially if the car is special. This little blu 356 is special to it's owner. I love that it was loved enough to keep it on the road. 

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