Sports Car Racing - The Player's 200, Mosport 1962

I came across the film from the romanic era of Sports Car racing, the 1962 Player's 200 at Mosport, sponsored by the Imperial Tobacco Company. There is something relaxing about racing in this era of gentleman racing. The cars with little to no sponsors livery, and drivers of all ages taking some of todays most prized and valuable cars to there limit. 

This documentary style film will defiantly take you back to the nostalgia for the 1960s. Watching Ferraris and Lotuses compete against Chaparrals, Corvettes, Jaguars and other special cars from the time. The cars are special, as well as the legends driving them, drives such as; Roger Penske, Dan Gurney, Jo Bonnier , Oliver Genedebien and Roger Ward.

We absolutely love this era. Enjoy the drive. 

Mike ButlerComment