Monterey Car Week 2019


Monterey car week is arguably the biggest car gathering event in the world. There is no possible way to attend all of the events that are going on during car week. This year we attended some of our favorites as well as some new events. One interesting thing about this year was the weather. Usually morning are cool (almost cold) and very foggy/cloudy, but this year we had more sun and warmer weather. One thing at was consistent was the traffic, very busy. We went to our favorite places to eat, and a couple of new ones. We also noted what we want to do at the next Monterey car week. The follow are some photos from our trip. Hope you enjoy.

If you have always wanted to attend Monterey Car Week, yet you have questions, please feel free to send an email. Contact We would be glad to talk about car week, things to do, place to go, where to eat, and only suggestion on where to stay (book now for next year).

Werks Reunion - The Porsche gathering.

For real Porsche nuts, the Wersk Reunion is a great event. Relaxing and we organized. This year there was even more cars, yet oddly a few less modified specials/outlaws. Two groups gathered, a show contest group and a car coral gathering. All the cars are enjoyed, but I think I’m just more in love with the older cars. I took very few photos of newer Porsche.

Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance

We didn’t attend the main Concours event, yet we were able to see the cars up close and in some ways the best way…driving. On Thursday, the concours cars take part in the Concours d’Elegance Tour on the 17-mile coastal drive. Ending for a stop break on the streets of Carmel by the Sea for everyone to freely view the cars at an affordable cost. Kind of amazing to see the cars running and driving by. Some were amazingly quiet and some excitingly noisy. A lot of fun.


Kind of funny that this is the first time we attended the Concorso Italiano. Being big fans of Italian cars and beautiful design, this event was like all other car week events, overwhelming. Possibly the coolest thing about this event was being able to see and talk to the owners of some really rare cars. Always good to learn something new.

AUCTION WORLD (Gooding and RM Sotheby’s)

This year there was some excitement about seeing some super rare and special cars to cross the block. Sadly several of these special cars didn’t sell. Many other cars did not reach their estimate value range therefore selling for less than expected. Overall the market numbers were down, but to be honest were they too high too soon. The collector car market has always been a crazy ride with ups and downs. The key is to buy what you want and enjoy it. Here are some of the cars we enjoyed seeing.

On The Streets

The title should be clear, the streets are covered in amazing classic, and modern cars. Since I was driving, taking photos while driving around is not safe, so therefore all of the photos I have to share are just cars while walking. I could say it would be easy to see every car one would ever want to see just driving around the Monterey area.

Monterey car week, thank you. Next visit, back to the Historic racing, and maybe the Quail.

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