Singer Announces Newest Creation, "One More than Ten"


Singer Vehicle Design has announced a new book, available for pre-order, all about how rockstar-turned-designer Rob Dickinson made it all happen. Co-written by Dickinson and auto-reporter Michael Harley, it should be interesting.

According to the press release, the 275 page book, One More than 10, will be full color and go for $85. A limited collector's edition, with accompanying custom display case, will go for $911.

Singer's promotional statement says that, "The full story, the complete cast of rogues, lunatics and genuises and some of the swearing, can be found in this book, agonized over and finessed just like the cars."

If you haven't seen a Singer Porsche in person, One More than 10 might be a good look at why words like agonizing and perfection seem to be the unifying theme around all things Singer. The book is also a more accessible way to own some Singer design without paying the $350k and up price tag.

Not a bad deal at all.