Does a "dream car" have to be super expensive? We say, no.

How often have you said, "If I had the money, I would buy 'blank' vehicle? If you are like us, you probably say "everyday".

Does a dream car have to be expensive, super fast, and hard to live with? Most people would say, yes, but we have a different view and definition of what a Dream car is.

To me we think a dream car is a car that fits into what one considers "special" to the owner or to those looking to own. To some people a 1959 VW Van in show condition is a dream car, and to others it's a 1976 Lamborghini Countach. What makes a car a dream car, is how it fulfills the owners vision or ideals of perfection. 

This 1977 BMW 320i in Phoenix Orange is a dream car. The car has only traveled 35,200 miles from new. The paint is amazing and strikingly beautiful. An interior that make one feel like they are driving a new 1977 BMW. And an under chassis that would please any mechanic. And we can't forget the drive, pure BMW fun. This car has everything that required to be a dream car, and more importantly to some... an affordable dream car.

We will blessed to have the opportunity of caring for this wonderful Phoenix Orange BMW 320i.